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Come to talk about Code, Data, Tools and Science in a social environment. If you want to know how computational tools and code can improve your science/work or you just want to meet “open scienc-y” people: join us. The event is open to everyone. No prior knowledge required. No registration etc. needed.

When and Where

We’ll meet monthly every fourth Wednesday at 5 pm for one and a half hours in the Makerspace Giessen. Location on OpenStreetMap.

Please bring your own computer, as we cannot provide any resources in this regard and then can also work through installations.

Dates and Topics

In addition to the open discussions we also aim to talk about specific topics at each HackyHour. However prior knowledge or interest in these topics is not a prerequisite.

Date Topic Discussion
2022-06-22 Inkscape: Freely create print-ready scientific figures and posters. WIP
2022-07-27 Jupyter Notebooks WIP
2022-08-24 ???  


If you like to present a topic, you can create an issue, contact Christian Krippes or present your idea at the end of a session.


This project is inspired by HACKYHOUR@AUCKLAND and the R Study Group. If you are interested in the HackyHour you should also check https://hackyhour.github.io/.


The logo is derived from the one used by HackyHour Auckland (with kind permission). It uses a public domain icon.

Logo of the Hackyhour


The content of this website is available under CC0. This website uses the hacker template which is also available under CC0.