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Come to talk about tools for your research and/or computer stuff in a social environment.

If you want to know how computational tools and code can improve your science or you just want to meet “open scienc-y” people: join us. Especially if you’re stuck on a computational problem in your research feel free to bring it along, we might be able to help (or at least point you in the right direction).

No registration etc. needed!

When and Where

We meet every four weeks on a Tuesday at 6 pm online for about one hour. After the pandemic we hope to return to “Neotopia”. Feel free to join the mailing list and/or Rocket Chat if you have any questions/topic suggestions beforehand.. (We closed our former Gitter chat).

Please bring your own computer, as we cannot provide any resources in this regard and then can also work through installations.


In addition to the open discussions we also aim to talk about specific topics at each HackyHour. However, prior knowledge or interest in these topics is not a prerequisite.

Date Time Venue Summary Discussion
2017-02-07 6 pm SUB Organizational #1 and pad
2017-03-14 6 pm Neotopia Jupyter-Notebook #3 and pad
2017-04-04 6 pm Neotopia Unittests with code coverage and continuous integration #4 and pad
2017-05-09 6 pm Neotopia Tidy Data #5 and pad
2017-06-06 6 pm Neotopia Services of the GWDG pad
2017-07-04 6 pm Neotopia BibTex/BibLatex/Biber pad
2017-08-01 6 pm Neotopia How to write a thesis with R Markdown #9 and pad
2017-08-29 6 pm Neotopia Basic introduction to MathJax by @pkra #10 and pad
2017-11-07 6 pm Neotopia Automate using make #11 and pad
2017-12-05 6 pm Neotopia Pandoc #12 and pad
2018-01-09 6 pm Neotopia Repositories: ArXiv/Goescholar/Zenodo #13 and pad
2018-02-06 6 pm Neotopia Jupyter Hub @ GWDG #14 and pad
2018-03-13 6 pm Neotopia Göttingen Data Science Meetup & Kaggle #15 and pad
2018-04-10 6 pm Neotopia TikZ #16 and pad
2018-05-15 6 pm Neotopia GNU Parallel & draw.io #17 and pad
2018-06-12 6 pm Neotopia emacs org mode #18 and pad
2018-08-21 6 pm Neotopia Tensorflow #19 and pad
2018-09-18 6 pm Neotopia Ansible #20 and pad
2018-10-16 6 pm Neotopia Rust #21 and pad
2018-11-13 6 pm Neotopia 3D Modeling and Rendering #22 and pad
2018-12-11 6 pm Neotopia Sozi #23 and pad
2019-01-08 6 pm Neotopia SPARQL #24 and pad
2019-02-26 6 pm Neotopia Text- and Data Mining Tools #13 and pad
2019-03-19 6 pm Neotopia Reveal.js #26 and pad
2019-04-30 6 pm Neotopia Gimp #27 and pad
2019-05-28 6 pm Neotopia Inkscape #28 and pad
2019-10-29 6 pm Neotopia Git / Gitlab #29 and pad
2019-11-12 6 pm Neotopia Advanced Git #30 and pad
2019-12-10 6 pm Neotopia Wikidata #31 and pad
2020-01-21 6 pm Neotopia SOLR #32 and pad
2020-02-18 6 pm Neotopia UNIX tools #33 and pad
2020-03-03 6 pm Neotopia holepunch: using Binder with R #34 and pad
2020-03-31 6 pm Virtual Practical Regular Expressions #35 and pad
2020-04-28 6 pm Virtual CaosDB #36 and pad
2020-05-26 6 pm Virtual hledger #37 and pad
2020-06-23 6 pm Virtual How to build and host static websites for free #38 and pad
2020-07-21 6 pm Virtual Integration of C++ code in R with Rcpp #39 and pad
2021-05-25 6 pm Virtual Graphviz #40 and pad
2021-06-22 6 pm Virtual Password managers and beyond #41 and pad
2021-07-20 6 pm Virtual ABC notation #42 and pad
2021-09-28 6 pm Virtual Scraping data from Twitter #43 and pad
2021-10-26 6 pm Virtual RKI data 2 Twitter #44 and pad
2021-12-07 6 pm Virtual Covid-19 Risikogebiete Deutschland Karte #45 and pad
2022-04-12 6 pm Virtual Snakemake #46 and pad
2023-09-26 6 pm Neotopia Snip #47 and pad

Each HackyHour has an individual pads listed above, these are also all collected in a masterpad.


Join our mailing list and our Rocket.Chat! If you like to present a topic, please contact Julika Mimkes or present your idea at the end of a session.


This project is inspired by HACKYHOUR@AUCKLAND and the R Study Group. We are affiliated with the HackyHour Würzburg and are following their shining example. We are both loosely organized under the HackyHour organization.


The logo is derived from the one used by HackyHour Auckland (with kind permission). It uses a public domain icon and the open Jelle font (SIL Open Font License).

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The content of this website is available under CC0. This website uses the hacker template which is also available under CC0.

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