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HackyHour Würzburg 61

Potentially Live

Poll for Future Time & Date

Please participate in this poll if you plan to participate in the HackyHour (at least from time to time): https://terminplaner4.dfn.de/FMR2SFxGoFhp2SJR

We’ll determine the new day and time based on these results and the discussion in the upcoming September HackyHour.

Topic Suggestions

Add your suggestions to the list and :+1: to the end of a line you are interested in

  • Selection of next location.
  • Selection of new date and time
  1. DataLad with git-lfs on GitLab as git-annex special remote :+1:
  2. SomeOne please explain me this: https://github.com/scfischer/Tutorials/blob/main/Language%20Performance%20Comparison/c%2B%2B_dgl.ipynb :+1: :+1:
  3. github editor feature python notebook extensions
  4. manubot
  5. Data analysis with natural language: veezoo
  6. Play with the data from Numerai https://numer.ai/

Maybe next time


Please add your name and indicate if you prefer to join live :person_doing_cartwheel: or remotely :computer: and if you want to order pizza :pizza:

  • Markus :pizza: :person_doing_cartwheel:
  • Flo
  • Laura :pizza: :person_doing_cartwheel:
  • Rick maybe at 7 pm :person_doing_cartwheel:
  • Tilman :pizza: :person_doing_cartwheel:
  • Jonas S. :pizza: :person_doing_cartwheel:
  • Sebastian R. :person_doing_cartwheel:
  • Andreas :pizza: :person_doing_cartwheel:
  • Simon :person_doing_cartwheel:
  • Michaela :person_doing_cartwheel: