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Come to talk about science in a social environment. If you want to know how computational tools and code can improve your science or you just want to drink a beer: join us. We strive to be an open and inclusive community, everyone is welcome! We have a code of conduct that we adhere to.


The location is alternating between the CCTB Würzburg and the Physics Department (see the current pad).


On the fourth Monday of each month at 5pm c.t.

You can come without registration but feel free to join the discussion in the pad if you have any questions beforehand. Usually we order pizza and sit together until roughly 8pm.


In addition to the open discussions we also aim to talk about specific topics at each HackyHour. However prior knowledge or interest in these topics is not a prerequisite. Online discussions for these topics are accessible via the following links.

i Date Summary Discussion
92 2024-06-24 Join the discussion → pad
91 2024-05-27 Debugging GPU-related hardware issues pad
90 2024-04-22 Interactive documentation with codapi pad
89 2024-03-25 Adding a GUI (egui) to a wgpu application pad
88 2024-02-26 Visualizations for disecting compact hyperbolic graphs along incontractible loops pad
87 2023-01-22 Shader to render the Mandelbrot set with wgpu pad
86 2023-12-19 Seasonal HackyHour 🎅, Tetris on pyboy pad
85 2023-11-27 Solving multiple rankk.org challenges pad
84 2023-10-23 Evolutionary Games (IsoMatrix), Bundesliga betting game statistics on couchtipper pad
83 2023-09-25 Library sorting for gene editing, conda problem on Mac pad
82 2023-07-24 Button Men win probability (Hannah vs Karl) pad
81 2023-06-28 Q-Learning with Flappy Bird pad
80 2023-05-22 Optimizing Flappy Bird algorithm pad
79 2023-04-26 Unity, eduroam on T14 G3 (linux generic) pad
78 2023-03-27 Largest overlapping circle in images pad
77 2023-02-22 Solving advent of code challenges with ChatGPT, lock picking pad
76 2023-01-23 Flappy Bird algorithm pad
75 2022-12-19 Seasonal HackyHour 🎅, Open Science Escape Room, Advent of Code challenge of the day pad
74 2022-11-24 eLabFTW MySQL problem pad
73 2022-10-26 Julia problem, components of a workstation pad
72 2022-09-22 numpy multithreading (how to avoid it), Shoot the Monkey II pad
71 2022-08-25 Oh My Git! pad
70 2022-07-28 Text2Image (dalle-mini), AoC2017#7 pad
69 2022-06-23 Jupyter Hub, eLabFTW, Pluto Notebooks pad
68 2022-05-25 Solved multiple problems, finished Maelstrom challenge pad
67 2022-04-28 Poster design, Maelstrom challenge pad
66 2022-03-22 Hybrid (COVID-19), Netwide Assembler pad
65 2022-02-23 $\LaTeX$ with Jupyter Book, playing with GitHub Copilot pad
64 2022-01-27 Hybrid (COVID-19), Experiences doing Advent of Code (in Go and Julia) pad
63 2021-12-02 Napari time series plotter, python hashable types, Software Carpentry follow-up pad
62 2021-10-28 DataLad on GitLab with LFS pad
61 2021-09-23 Compiled and optimized code benchmark pad
60 2021-08-26 Simple code benchmark: python, julia, R, rust, perl, C++ pad
59 2021-07-29 Physics Simulation with Blender: Shoot the Monkey pad
58 2021-06-23 Remote (COVID-19), protein supersecondary structure, 3D printing, zstd compression pad
57 2021-05-27 Remote (COVID-19), Open Data Würzburg: pedestrian counts pad
56 2021-04-22 Remote (COVID-19), meetingplace.io, CorrelAid, Neural Arithmetic Logic Units (NALUs) pad
55 2021-03-25 Remote (COVID-19), Android root/cutom rom, Physics pad
54 2021-02-25 Remote (COVID-19), Zig, Loss Landscapes pad
53 2021-01-28 Remote (COVID-19), Challenge Platform ctfd, tidytuesday: cats and dogs pad
52 2020-12-17 Remote (COVID-19), AdventOfCode Coding Dojo pad
51 2020-11-26 Remote (COVID-19), git bisect pad
50 2020-10-22 Remote (COVID-19), Minkowski Functionals, Risky Moon Challenge pad
49 2020-09-24 Data Gorilla, SQL Murder Mystery, Project Euler pad
48 2020-08-27 Control DPS5005 power supply with python GUI pad
47 2020-07-23 Data management solutions (based on kubernetes), remote Software Carpentry workshops pad
46 2020-06-25 Building networks with pythrahyper_net pad
45 2020-05-28 Remote (COVID-19), misc, Octodad, Maneater pad
44 2020-04-23 Remote (COVID-19), Big Blue Button pad
43 2020-03-26 Remote (COVID-19), discussions pad
42 2020-02-27 Audio analysis, gaussian blurring, polynomial fitting pad
41 2020-01-23 Audio analysis, fourier transformation, feature extraction pad
40 2019-12-12 Audio analysis (python) - say it challenge pad
39 2019-10-24 Cart Pole Challenge II: Deep Q Learning (DQN) pad
38 2019-09-26 Data labelling (platform.ai) pad
37 2019-08-22 scikit-learn, binary classification, ROC curves pad
36 2019-07-25 Flow Cytometry Data Analysis pad
35 2019-05-23 Machine Learning (Gym Cart Pole Challenge) pad
34 2019-04-25 Clash of Code (codingame.com) pad
33 2019-03-28 Generative Adversarial Networks, Twitter sentiment analysis pad
32 2018-11-29 Fortran, Blender, Multiprocessing pad
31 2018-09-27 Data Analysis with Python (real RFID dataset) pad
30 2018-07-26 Reinforcement Learning (nethack), GPG Smartcard pad
29 2018-06-28 ReactOS pad
28 2018-05-24 Text-Generation with Recurrent Neural Networks, word2vec pad
27 2018-04-26 Antisenese Splicing (RNA-Seq), Hardware: Arduino + LEDs pad
26 2018-03-22 Python Flask pad
25 2018-02-22 Texteditors and IDEs (civilized editor wars), VimGolf pad, issue
24 2018-01-25 DIY monitor case, esoteric programming languages pad, issue
23 2017-11-23 Bioinformatics for malaria, helping a student group with igem project pad, issue
22 2017-10-26 Crop Challenge, NodeJS + Express + MongoDB: Chicken Clicker pad, issue
21 2017-09-28 Captcha Breaker, Nethack pad, issue
20 2017-08-24 TensorFlow Primer pad, issue
19 2017-07-27 GPG, Key Signing Party pad, issue
18 2017-06-22 Ordination, GitLab + GitLab CI pad, issue
17 2017-05-24 Discussions, IT infrastructure pad, issue
16 2017-04-27 Monte Carlo Simulations pad, issue
15 2017-03-23 Website re-design ideas, React pad, issue
14 2017-02-23 Docker, Random Forest Cross Validation pad, issue
13 2017-01-26 Random Forest, Bioinformatics Contest 2017 pad, issue
12 2016-12-22 Penetration testing (metasploitable) pad, issue
11 2016-10-27 Kaggle (Titanic) pad, issue
10 2016-09-30 Julia, Regex Golf pad, issue
9 2016-07-29 Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi, Logo pad, issue
8 2016-06-30 Publishing tools: Latex vs Word, Illustrator vs Inkscape, Endnote vs Bibtex/Mendeley/… issue
7 2016-06-02 PID-controller, more codingames issue
6 2016-05-04 Coding Dojo with codingame.com issue
5 2016-03-30 Internet security, https, encryption, pgp, P/NP problems issue
4 2016-02-24 Webcam on Raspberry Pi, zfs and raids issue
3 2016-01-27 Raspberry Pi, OwnCloud, Perl vs R issue
2 2015-11-25 Misc issue
1 2015-10-28 Website, GitHub issue
0 2015-09-22 Organizational issue


This project is inspired by HACKYHOUR@AUCKLAND and the R Study Group. If you are interested in the HackyHour you should also check out WUBSyB (currently on hold). A new project Data Dojo Würzburg aims at training data analytics skills together.


The logo is derived from the one used by HackyHour Auckland (with kind permission). It uses a public domain icon and the open Jelle font (SIL Open Font License). Colors are the corporate design colors from the University of Würzburg.

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The content of this website is available under CC0. This website uses the hacker template which is also available under CC0.