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Come to talk about science in a social environment. If you want to know how computational tools and code can improve your science or you just want to drink a beer: join us.

When and Where

Every fourth Thursday of the month at 6 pm at the CCTB Würzburg. Since June 2017 we started the WUBSyB/HackyHour cross-over. Therefore, we start at 5 pm with a WUBSyB session until 6pm and then continue with the HackyHour. You can come without registration but feel free to join the discussion in the linked pad (see table below) if you have any questions beforehand. Usually we order pizza and sit together until roughly 8pm.


In addition to the open discussions we also aim to talk about specific topics at each HackyHour. However prior knowledge or interest in these topics is not a prerequisite. Online discussions for these topics are accessible via the following links.

Date Summary Discussion
2018-11-29 Join the discussion pad
2018-09-27 Data Analysis with Python (real RFID dataset) pad
2018-07-26 Reinforcement Learning (nethack), GPG Smartcard pad
2018-06-28 ReactOS pad
2018-05-24 Text-Generation with Recurrent Neural Networks, word2vec pad
2018-04-26 Antisenese Splicing (RNA-Seq), Hardware: Arduino + LEDs pad
2018-03-22 Python Flask pad
2018-02-22 Texteditors and IDEs (civilized editor wars), VimGolf pad, issue
2018-01-25 DIY monitor case, esoteric programming languages pad, issue
2017-11-23 Bioinformatics for malaria, helping a student group with igem project pad, issue
2017-10-26 Crop Challenge, NodeJS + Express + MongoDB: Chicken Clicker pad, issue
2017-09-28 Captcha Breaker, Nethack pad, issue
2017-08-24 TensorFlow Primer pad, issue
2017-07-27 GPG, Key Signing Party pad, issue
2017-06-22 Ordination, GitLab + GitLab CI pad, issue
2017-05-24 Discussions, IT infrastructure pad, issue
2017-04-27 Monte Carlo Simulations pad, issue
2017-03-23 Website re-design ideas, React pad, issue
2017-02-23 Docker, Random Forest Cross Validation pad, issue
2017-01-26 Random Forest, Bioinformatics Contest 2017 pad, issue
2016-12-22 Penetration testing (metasploitable) pad, issue
2016-10-27 Kaggle (Titanic) pad, issue
2016-09-30 Julia, Regex Golf pad, issue
2016-07-29 Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi, Logo pad, issue
2016-06-30 Publishing tools: Latex vs Word, Illustrator vs Inkscape, Endnote vs Bibtex/Mendeley/… issue
2016-06-02 PID-controller, more codingames issue
2016-05-04 Coding Dojo with codingame.com issue
2016-03-30 Internet security, https, encryption, pgp, P/NP problems issue
2016-02-24 Webcam on Raspberry Pi, zfs and raids issue
2016-01-27 Raspberry Pi, OwnCloud, Perl vs R issue
2015-11-25 Misc issue
2015-10-28 Website, GitHub issue
2015-09-22 Organizational issue


This project is inspired by HACKYHOUR@AUCKLAND and the R Study Group. If you are interested in the HackyHour you should also check out WUBSyB


The logo is derived from the one used by HackyHour Auckland (with kind permission). It uses a public domain icon and the open Jelle font (SIL Open Font License). Colors are the corporate design colors from the University of Würzburg.

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The content of this website is available under CC0. This website uses the hacker template which is also available under CC0.