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Topic Suggestions

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  • Programming languages and paradigms
  • Operating systems + paradigms (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux + Flavours (Ubuntu, Suse, Arch, NixOS), BSD, ReactOS, …)
  • How to create a beautiful intuitive application (optional: x app case study :P)
  • Challenger Team? WeChall? CTF? e.g. https://ctfs.me
  • Hadoop et al
  • casurp (coffee accounting… https://github.com/CCTB-UW/casurp)
  • Using Electron for web-like application development.
  • Wyrmling: Python embedded in Webkit/Chromium Framework
  • Make the computer play computer games (Reinforcement Learning, nethack) :+1:
  • OpenML :+1:
  • Algorithms for autonomous vehicles in the unreal engine: AirSim :+1::+1:
  • Blender physics, pyglet