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Come to talk about code, tools and science, in a social environment. If you have a problem in one of those areas: bring it along and get help. If you want to know how computational tools and code can improve your science or you just want to drink a coffee: join us. The HackyHour is open to all intrested librarians and scientists of the Cologne area and beyond.

When and Where

Our meeting takes place on Thursdays from 2-3pm in this online meeting room. In order to secure a peer to peer interaction frontal teaching longer than 15min is dispensed for HackyHour. Discussions are preferred to be held in English or English and German enable international researchers to join the meeting.

You can come without registration but feel free to join the discussion in the linked pad (see table below) if you have any questions beforehand.


In addition to the open discussions we also aim to talk about specific topics at each HackyHour. However prior knowledge or interest in these topics is not a prerequisite. Online discussions for these topics are accessible via the following links.

Date Summary Discussion  
2020-10-08 14:00 - 16:00 Hacktoberfest  
2020-02-27   Rearranging excel sheets with python  
2020-02-20 Carnival party at ZBMED CANCELED  
2020-02-13   HTML2PDF  
2020-01-16 [Python script] Link response checker    
2020-01-02 new year’s break    
2019-12-26 Christmas break    
2019-12-19 Christmas break    
2019-12-12 winter break    
2019-12-05 open discussion    
2019-11-28   pad  
2019-11-21 fast.ai lecture 1    
2019-11-14 Deep learning with fast.ai pad  
2019-11-07 Dimensions webinar (Altmetric.com) pad  
2019-10-31 best-practice for spreadsheets? (Beatrix ?) pad  
2019-10-24 Presentation: Python-Script for Information-Collecting pad  
2019-10-17 Hacktoberfest pad  
2019-10-10 Hacktoberfest pad  
2019-10-03 Holiday    
2019-09-26 some file access problems (Anett); Deep learning with fast.ai (Eva) pad  
2019-09-19 surveys with online tools (Anett) pad  
2019-09-12 knowledge graphs and ontology building with “poolparty” (Eva) pad  
2019-09-05 sbml2smw - plugin for semantic media wiki (Mateen)    
2019-08-29 open meeting    
2019-08-22 open meeting    
2019-08-15 automate downloads, extract and concatinate information from websites (Dino) pad  
2019-08-08 exchange about experiences with licenses (Affero General Public License, MIT License)    
2019-08-01 Web of Science, Scopus (Eva) pad  
2019-07-25 (Elnaz)    
2019-07-18 object oriented programming (Mohammad)    
2019-07-11 Data version control for machine learning with dvc (Sughra)    
2019-07-04 general introduction to machine learning (Konrad)    
2019-06-27 cancelled due to final rehearsal for pre-evaulation    
2019-06-20 Holiday    
2019-06-13 Audio processing (Felix)    
2019-06-06 deeplearning4j.org (Bernd)    
2019-05-30 Holiday    
2019-05-23 Data version control for machine learning with dvc (Konrad)   meeting room occupied!
2019-05-16 Database application “Kongresskalender” realiszed with MS ACCESS 2013 (Lara)    
2019-05-09 cancelled    
2019-05-02 Automated software dokumentation with Sphinx and MkDocs (Silvia and Eva)    
2019-04-25 Citation network analysis with NetworkX (Nicole)    
2019-04-18 cancelled   meeting room occupied!
2019-04-11 Open Stack Meeting (Alex Walender and Jan Krueger from de.NBI Bielefeld)    
2019-04-04 Selenium browser framework (Muhammad)    
2019-03-28 cancelled due to illness    
2019-03-21 cancelled due to illness    
2019-03-14 container software Docker (Michele)    
2019-03-07 Arduino, ESP8266 and Raspberry Pi (Christian K.)   meeting room occupied!
2019-02-28 cancelled due to Wieverfastelovend    
2019-02-21 no HackyHour or open HackyHour pad  
2019-02-14 processing of manual indexed journal signatures (Albert Sawatzky, Rabea Müller) pad  
2019-02-07 Python Sprint 3: Merging tabels (S. Pütz-Jagner, E. Müller) pad  
2019-01-31 Python Sprint 2: Merging tabels (S. Pütz-Jagner, E. Müller) pad  
2019-01-24 1Lib1Ref / Python Sprint 1 pad  
2019-01-17 1Lib1Ref pad  
2019-01-10 (RaspberryPi) and Arduino (Eva S.) pad  
2019-01-03 cancelled due to new years hangover    
2018-12-27 cancelled due to boxing week    
2018-12-20 text editors (Emacs (Konrad), PyCharm (Muhammad), Atom (Christian K.), notepad++ (Christoph), Vim (Michael M.)) pad  
2018-12-13 “Citavi-Projekt - Erschließung der Artikel-Titeldaten von Online-Zeitschriften und deren Übertragung nach LIVIVO” Studienprojekt (Rabea M.) pad  
2018-12-06 cancelled due to Christmas party    
2018-11-29 Wikidata (Muhammad) pad  
2018-11-22 “Versorgungslandkarte - unter der Haube” (Christoph) pad  
2018-11-15 help yourself with Library Carpentry websites: basic SQL; Crossref-DOI-Tool pad  
2018-11-08 founding Meeting we need to end at 2:55pm issue, pad  

More topics

GitHub and Pads (Ulrike?) Zotero? f-strings in Python 3.6 (Benjamin & Eva) graphical representation of data PCA (Silvia) PyCharm Debugger

Code of Conduct

In favour to ensure an agreeable atmosphere for everybody all participants are expected to respect each other, their questions and the different ways of contributing and learning regardless to gender, age, race or status of knowledge.

Our rules of conduct takes up the Code of Conduct of The Carpentries.



This project is inspired by HACKYHOUR@AUCKLAND and the R Study Group.


The content of this website is available under CC0. This website uses the hacker template which is also available under CC0.