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Future Dates

A representative poll indicated, that Wednesday and Monday are tied in popularity. On each of these days, some people can not come. So we decided to switch to an alternating scheme:

We’ll see how this works throughout the next couple of months. Then we’ll decide whether to keep it or change back to a fixed day of the week.


Please add your name and indicate if you want to order pizza :pizza:

  • »Add your name here«
  • Markus :pizza:
  • Marko Korb
  • Amar Hekalo
  • Kathrin Langkabel
  • Andi :pizza:
  • Kilian :pizza:

Topic Suggestions

Add your suggestions to the list and :+1: to the end of a line you are interested in

  • presentations with hedgedoc https://demo.hedgedoc.org/p/slide-example#/
  • Modern Powersaving on linux and how to optimize it (T14 G3 AMD vs. Arch)
  • Reinforcement Learning with Gym or AI Birds → improve Flappy Bird algorithm
  • Create a little browser game with Kaboom! or godot
  • Runway an online video editor with “AI Magic Tools”
  • Program simple Button Men AI
  • static code analysis, metabob, linters, code style
  • UEFI, secure boot, bitlocker
  • Analyse Half Marathon Tracking Data
  • HackyHour success stories

Maybe another time