Weekly HackyHour at Café Freundlich

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Come and talk with your peers and colleagues about your research problems related to code, data or digital tools. If you do have a specific problem - bring it along and get help. You can also just take a break, come by and socialize. No registration needed! Every second week we cover a particular topic that might be of special interest to you, however prior knowledge is not a prerequisite.

When and Where

Every Wednesday at 2pm at Café Freundlich, Telegrafenberg, House 34, 14473 Potsdam.


Date Title
2019-xx-xx Literate programming in R/Python/…
2019-xx-xx General
2019-xx-xx Data visualization
2019-xx-xx General
2019-xx-xx Frequency transformaton (DFT/FFT) and digital filters
2019-xx-xx General
2019-xx-xx Julia (programming language)
2019-xx-xx General
2019-xx-xx GLIC - GFZ Linux Cluster
2019-xx-xx General
2019-xx-xx Google Earth Engine
2019-xx-xx General
2019-xx-xx Git, GitHub, GitLab


This project is inspired by HACKYHOUR@AUCKLAND and the R Study Group. If you are interested in the HackyHour you should also check out WUBSyB


The logo is derived from the one used by HackyHour Auckland (with kind permission). It uses a modified public domain icon, the open Charis font (SIL Open Font License).


The content of this website is available under CC0. This website uses the hacker template which is also available under CC0.